Melody 4 MEDIA

We license and place music with countless amounts of media companies large and small like CBS, MTV, NBC, and ESPN, just to name few.

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Whether you're a global Ad Agency or an independent, small business owner doing your own social media, you need music for your digital marketing needs. We can provide that and so much more.

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Melody 4 MANY

No matter how advanced of an artist, musician, composer, or songwriter you are, we will support you in every way you need to be successful.

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What We're All About &

Why We're Different

We strive to be a different type of music rights management company than those conglomerates you may be used to working with.

First of all, we are in it for you and to get your music out for the world to enjoy. We take a much smaller percentage of licensing fees and don't just give your music away to media companies hoping that they might decide to use it.

Secondly, our relationships are genuine and authentic no matter if they are with the media companies or marketing and advertising agencies we are selling to or you the artist that we are fighting for.

Third, we can relate to all sides of the industry as fellow marketers and songwriters. We've experienced first hand the feeling of rejection and know how it feels to not have a company fully work us and our art. We want to be better then what you've experienced in the past and truly will work to make all sides happy and valued.


So, What's Next?

At this point, we hope that we've proved that we aren't your usual music licensing company, so let's work together.

Whether you need melodies for your digital media ad needs or if you'd like to be represented by a company that cares about your craft, let's get to it!