Our Approach

Our Approach

The music industry has moved past the conglomerates controlling everything. With communication and technology making the world smaller than ever, we feel it is our time to step in and start helping both digital content specialists and songwriters alike.

Our Story

Our Story

We are songwriters and marketers. We know exactly how this game is played and we want to change it. It is our experiences that drive our passion.

Meet the Team

Yes, we are real people with real stories and we are ready to work for you.


Michael Applen

Founder & CEO

Business & Marketing Manager from Minneapolis

Michael Applen is a hard-working and passionate leader who began his professional career in the coffee industry working for a small independent roaster and distributorship, UP Coffee Roasters, in NE Minneapolis. After learning everything he could about running a small business from management to sales to marketing, he branched off to Milestone AV Technologies to gain some corporate background and truly expand his social media marketing horizons. From there he moved on to 3M as part of the Corporate Sales-Marketing social media team for all brands and enjoys that as his current career and passion outside, of course, managing Melody4Media.

Michael graduated from University of St. Thomas with a Business Management and Marketing degree. He feels that his outgoing personality along with natural sales instincts help drive his success in all business ventures he is a part of.

Making music has always been a hobby and therapeutic release for Michael, so it was no surprise that he coupled his management skills with his music skills to create Melody4Media.

For fun and relaxation he likes spending time with his wife and two little boys, enjoying a fine meal and a craft beverage, listening to and making all types of music, playing foosball with his buddies, and messing around on his Apple gadgets.



Tony LaMere

Founder & CFO

Financial & Administrative Manager from Minneapolis

Born and raised in the blue collar neighborhood of Northeast Minneapolis, Tony LaMere is a hardworking self-starter with a diverse background, skill set, and interests.

From an early age Tony had an interest in the art of math, as well as technology and business.  After graduating from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics and a minor in Business Administration, Tony signed on with a fortune 100 conglomerate.  Leveraging his education and honing his skills in the corporate world, Tony sought out an opportunity to work for the family business. Learning a new craft from the ground up Tony was able to modernize an aging small business model.  Tony returned to the corporate world, joining a Fortune 10 company and using his vast experience to lead interdisciplinary projects and teams.

Music has been an important part of Tony’s life. As a child Tony played the trumpet, like his grandfather, and later taught himself to play the guitar.  Tony’s relationship with music was fostered as digital audio workstations (DAWs) became more ubiquitous.  Tony enjoys using music production as a creative outlet to help balance his technical acumen.



Kelly Weeks

Founder & CCO

Music Composer & Instructor from the Twin Cities

Kelly Weeks is a talented, young, and energetic musician who began his musical career as a singer/songwriter, playing solo and with bands in the Minneapolis, Boston and Orlando areas.  After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Professional Music from the Berklee College of Music, Kelly went on to provide private lessons to students of all ages in his home town of Minneapolis in 2003. In order to further his teaching and musical abilities, Kelly completed a K-12 Instrumental Teaching License from Hamline University and completed his Master’s degree in Instrumental Education in 2011.

Kelly is an accomplished composer whose songs can currently be heard on various MTV shows, CBS Morning News, ESPN, The Young and the Restless, and many other television shows and ads.  He also is an author of several method books published for the guitar, piano, mandolin and banjo instruments.


Now What?

Now you know the how and why we started this publishing and licensing company.

The real question is, how can we help you?

Are you a media company needing music for TV series or film? Are you a marketer in search of that perfect song to compliment your digital ad campaign? Are you an musician or composer that hasn't felt that your current publishing company experiences have lead to success?

Remember, we put the artist first, which means a higher quality product and service for everyone involved.