Music Curation

We will be honest and open with our music curation because we believe that is the only way to ensure that all sides are happy with the finished product.


We copyright an artist's music for protected distribution. At that point it is a licensed creation and legal for broadcast, recreation, or performance of said copyrighted work. We offer multiple licensing contracts. The first is a flat fee for a certain, defined period of usage. The second contract involves receiving royalty payments determined by the number of copies of the work sold or the total revenues acquired as a result of it's distribution or plays.

Music Creation

We offer Custom Music Request options and are always willing to create new music for whatever application it may be needed.


We work with songwriters and composers to promote and market their songs/compositions. We pitch musician's creations to marketers, movie/TV producers, record labels, video games, or anyone else who can use their music. We license the right to use the song, collect fees for the usage, and split them with the songwriter/composer according to each writer’s contract terms.

Sound Design

We bring any project to life with our top-of-the-line sound design abilities. We can provide exactly what is needed and will work to ensure that it sounds exactly how it should.

Legal Services

We handle all legal aspects of the music placement and distribution process. We protect both the songwriter, as well as, the purchaser of the licensed creation. We ensure that everyone involved is legally protected and compensated fairly.

Music Licensing Styles & Options Offered

Audio Projects / Composition & Sound Recordings / Film Sync License / Games & Software / Internet, Website, & Social Media / Mechanical Royalty License / Music Compilation (CD, DVD, PC Audio) / Products & Toys / Radio Ad or Production / Single Units (Wedding Video) / Slide Show or PowerPoint / Software - Multimedia / TV Advertising / TV Show Sync License / Video (Music for Video, DVD or CDROM)

As Marketers Ourselves, We Get It

We have been in the position of needing licensed content for a project or campaign and know what it's like to work with the inactive conglomerates.

Melody4Media was created to make this process customized and easy with open communication and respected expectations at all times.

Give us a chance to prove that can and will provide the perfect music for your needs.

Fill out a Custom Music Request form now!

As Musicians Ourselves, We Feel You

We know exactly how it feels to put your blood, sweat, and tears into your craft and not receive that same effort back from your publishing company.

That is why we promise to give it everything we have to get as much of your music licensed and published as humanly possible. We will be your passionate publishing partner and will always put you first.

What services do you need from us as your publishing partner?